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About Belladonna

Why the name Belladonna?

Yes I know that belladonna is another name for deadly nightshade! And no, I don't put any in my soap!

Sandswyck Belladonna was my first show goat. Way back in the 1980s/90s she won quite a few Best In Show rosettes at my local goat shows and also produced a number of show winners, as well as being a prolific milker. So when trying to think up a name for my soap it seemed only natural to call on Bella's memory and name it for her.

Belladonna Newspaper Cutting

Bella was a British Alpine goat (black, with white markings) who stood about three foot six at the shoulder and, during her lifetime, produced roughly 3,600 kilograms of milk over three lactations.

All my goats since then have been British Alpines apart from the offspring of ones which have been cross bred to white Saanens, strangely enough to improve the black colouring!

Nowadays my goat herd has dwindled to single figures and I have to sometimes buy milk from friends to keep up with the demand for soap, but I always know it comes from unimpeachable sources!

The 'Magic' Ingredient

For centuries goat milk has been used as a luxurious moisturiser. Goat's milk has amino acids and vitamin A to nourish the skin. It also has lactic acid, which is an exfoliant and helps cleanse and soften the skin. Goat's milk has a ph level that is closest to our own skin making it gentle and skin loving even on the most sensitive skin types.

Goat's milk soap works particularly well for sufferers of eczema, psoriasis and dry skin problems. Some dermatologists are now suggesting trying goat's milk soap on problem skin, before using 'conventional' products. The soaps are also excellent on normal skin, and can help prevent any problems.

Goat's milk is also an excellent source of calcium and has the same amount of protein and vitamins C & D as cow's milk but has more vitamin A & B and riboflavin. Goats convert all the carotene (the orange colour, most often found in carrots) they eat into Vitamin A, making it whiter milk. On a world-wide basis more people drink goat's milk than any other type of milk.

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More reasons?