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Welcome to Belladonna Handmade Goat's Milk Soap's new website.


About 12 years ago, whilst trying to find an alternative use for all the milk produced by my herd of British Alpine goats, (Click here to find out about Belladonna) I happened upon soap making and it became something of an obsession with me. My work space gradually outgrew and moved from house kitchen to caravan to my present home, a lovely log cabin dedicated to all things soapy.

My soap is handmade from start to finish in small batches, using the cold-process method. The oils are gently warmed, then mixed with lye (sodium hydroxide) and goat's milk, poured into moulds, turned out and left to cure for several weeks. The soap is then hand-cut, hand-finished and carefully wrapped and labelled. Other ingredients are added for their skin friendly properties and aesthetic value.

Since I do not use any artificial preservatives, I would recommend that the soap is protected from direct sunlight, and kept dry between uses.

I have undergone full cosmetic assessments with a registered chemist and all the recipes that I use have been safety checked and have been certified safe.

Handmade goat's milk soaps are all natural with no harmful chemical ingredients (the lye is turned by the saponification process into soap); compare my list of ingredients with that of a commercial bar of soap and you will see what I mean.

Sufferers of skin complaints such as psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis have found goat's milk soap to alleviate their symptoms greatly. Some of my products have fragrance and colour, this might not be suitable for those with very sensitive skin, please enquire if you are in any doubt.


All my bar soaps are first wrapped in film to protect them and keep in the delicious scents and then in a coloured paper and labelled. The coloured paper may change from time to time as, to keep costs down, I buy job lots of the prettiest I can find as and when I discover it.

If you have never tried goat's milk soap, you think that soap is soap, right? You would be wrong. Goat's milk soap leaves your skin feeling clean and refreshed. But you have to try it to find out. You won't be disappointed!

And then I branched out into liquid soap!

I was told that some people prefer liquid to bar soap, so off I went on a course to learn how. This took a lot of experimentation until I finally learned that I couldn't make liquid soap with goat's milk as it has to be cooked at a high temperature for a long time and this turns the milk brown. So, of course, the soap is brown! Not very appealing.

However....we are fortunate enough to have a source of natural spring water on our land so the liquid is still as fresh and unadulterated as the goat's milk in the bar soap.